So...What does Armory do now? Because this is a game changer

This document looks great for seeing how Armory should go going forward. Looks like Blender is going to revamp the BGE. Where do we go from here?

Confirmation that this is likely going to be a thing is in this week’s meeting.

What do you mean “now”? Will love to make use of the proposed features (where it makes sense - materials in Armory will always be Cycles based, don’t want to get rid of that) but it will likely take quite some time till this gets real. Still super happy to see interest in moving the interactive features of Blender forward.

My biggest wish right now is that the new viewport project turns out really good and Blender gets rid of legacy OpenGL to make integration with modern gpu features easier.

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Thanks. I was just curious. Looks awesome from my point of view.

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