[SOLVED] Can't export armature with SDK2003

There is a problem since SDK 2003, when having an armature in a scene different than the main scene. Armatures in the main scene works well.

I really need to have Armature working on several scene in the same project.

Here is a minimal project. If you delete “Armature.bug”, or uncheck “export” for it, everything is OK.
Else : “Error: Object ‘Armature.bug’ can’t be selected because it is not in View Layer ‘View Layer’!”
This minimal project works well on SDK 2002 (confirmed).

debug_armature_2003.blend (613.9 KB)

Hi, I was unable to reproduce the issue from your file. Try with the latest SDK version from GIT to see if that fixes the issue on your side.

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Thanks M_Ent8h,
it really helped :+1:
I got other small problems with that version, but nothing really serious.
I can now continue working on my project :slight_smile: