[SOLVED] How to make a second level?

I’m making a game with Armory that will have multiple levels. I’ve made a second scene and set up my character but much to my disappointment none of the logic works. :frowning: I cannot move my character and the things with gravity don’t fall. Am I doing something wrong? I’m just using the “Set scene” logic node and then setting the scene to my second level scene.

You need to adjust settings from scratch in another scene. In blender Scene are completely different. whole settings are different to. If you want gravity to work you need to enable rigidbody or something again.
i.e., you will need to attach haxe script/ nodes again in another scene.

Edit: I just checked, you dont need to rewrite script/node you can reattach it.

I have rigid body though and it still won’t work. And I have nodes attached to objects. So should I create my scene without copying scene settings? That’s what I did. I copied the scene settings and linked some objects.

Ensure your 2nd scene has Cycles Render enabled. by default, when you create a scene, blender creates it in Blender Render. Nothing will work in second scene, if its on blender render.

To Fully Copy your scene by clicking the following button

Thanks @dukejib, but I’m using 2.8. There is no Blender Render and it just goes straight to EEVEE like it should. I used “copy settings.”

Your in 2.8 - @dukejib was assuming you were working in 2.79. With 2.8 being in heavy development some things just may not work. I highly suggest you post the blend file for people to look at and test.

Armory in 2.8 is not stable and for testing so it may just be that.

I don’t have issues with 2.8.
Blender 2.8 Beta is coming soon, it should be lot more stable, perhaps you should wait. While B 2.7 is obsolete.

I just needed to work on the level in a separate .blend and then make a main .blend and append all the scenes and logic nodes to it and now it works.

I have a similar problem. I did not understand how you did to connect the two .blend files. My question is how you exported the project by connecting the two different .blend files?