[SOLVED] Web Browser game development - maximum size Armory3D can upload this game to web browser in?

I would like to create a web browser game, if Armory3D can create desktop games with large file sizes, can Armory3D upload a similarly large web browser game too, especially via html5? Let’s say a game large as DefJem for PS2

Yes, you can. See my further comments here: https://forums.armory3d.org/t/web-browser-game-development-maximum-file-size/5163

TL;TR, optimization of files sizes, as well as performance will probably be your highest priority, if you choose HTML5 as your chosen platform. However, the benefit of doing so is that you can distribute it anywhere and to anyone who has an internet connection and a browser. :slightly_smiling_face: (Please note that server-side operations will need a server and cannot be hosted on a static website service such as GitHub Pages.)


Thanks for the heads up, I’ll keep this in mind