Sound engine compared to BGE for audio proj already prototyped in Blender (BGE)


I have previously prototyped a project in Blender Game Engine (BGE). However BGE came to the end of its life with the release of Blender 2.80 so I sought out something else and found Armory.

I just setup a small logic brick test in Armory to apply torque to a cube and have it spinning much like the virtual DJ platter in my project. Now I need to see of Armory has a sound engine that can do something that “Audaspace” was doing in BGE. The core of my project is linking the rotation of the platter model to the sound - a piece of music. The rotation speed is linked to the pitch of the sound (its speed). To do this in Armory should I be looking at the logic nodes ? Or would this require some scripting ? I basically need some starting points, examples and so forth. I have not found all the documentation for the scripting yet, so i’ll need that as well.

It would be really nice to continue my project on a modern engine such as Armory.