Sound logic node requests

Armory 04 is great!

I have some requests for some sound control logic nodes:

  1. Ability to stop sound that’s already playing when a certain condition is true
  2. ability to only play a sound while a certain condition is true (like say a key being held down)

Also to use Blender’s volume and pitch settings for sound

Thanks Brian

Happy to hear! Added some essentials to pause/stop the speaker in git version. Volume setting should now also be taken into account.



I got a similar question in mind. Wondering if Armory can handle “sound” easily, in a way that user can create a simple keyboard by assigning keys into sounds?

Can we perhaps have documentation for this area? Logic Node preferred.

  • how to add sound in the background
  • how to turn on and off background sound
  • how to switch and fade bg sound?
  • what is exactly “speaker”
  • how to trigger sound when object got hit?
  • can we have sound that keep playing as a long tone vs sound that burst when button is held?


This is awesome, I really appreciate this, heading back over to the Donation page :wink: