Spawning objects at random position with random size but single value for XYZ

I am trying logic node and have the setup above. What funny:

  • Scale seems to be getting randomness for each X Y Z, where I wanted just one value for XYZ. How to keep a single random value and spawn object with same value XYZ
  • Object being spawned alright, but even when key pressed up very quickly I am getting a lot more objects than just one object for every tap. Any idea?

This is working. Not an elegant solution, but the easiest one I could come up with, there should be a single-node-way for this since it might occour pretty often.

Thanks for this idea! I will try~ yeah maybe it does not need this much node noodling… But “Set Variable” node is new, I will try.

And I realized there is “On Keyboard” node also… learning something!

With your setup, it seems that keyboard tap still triggers multiple spawn of objects. Is there a known way to just spawn 1 object?

It should only be possible that one object is spawned per frame on which x is released, and if your key is not broken x can only be released once a frame. Do you have this trait present more than once in you scene? Can you make sure you keyboard is working correct? It is working fine for me.

Hmm… on Mac with butterfly keyboard, I somewhat keep getting more than one objects spawned… strange.

Perhaps you need to code a delay , some milliseconds before spawning another object.