Sql server connect

Armory is really amazing! Congratulations.
I have a problem…
how can I connect to the database sqlserver(no sql lite)?
In blender consol i can import “pyodbc” and i can connect to sql server.
if I try to import into the script, I do not see the “pyodbc” library.

The Blender console is actually completely separate from the Armory runtime so anything that you can do in Blender separate from what you can do in the Armory game. You would have to use a Haxe library that could read sqlite databases. It looks like there might be some old libs on Haxelib for that, but I think the ones on there would only work for the C++ target ( which takes longer to build than the default Armory runtime, which is called Krom ). Looks like there aren’t a whole lot of options for SQLite for Haxe right now.

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Hey @Giovanni_LA_FAUCI I just found out that I was wrong about Sqlite. I couldn’t find any great packages on it because it is built into the Haxe standard library along with a MySQL connector! Note: This still wouldn’t work for Krom, though, so that is still something to take into account.