State machine and obstacle?


I would like to know if these two settings are included or planned in Armory :

  • State machine : setting different states to an object

  • Obstacle (with a radius or other options) : Like “Create obstacle” in the physics tab of the Blender Game Engine.


Not yet included but planned. Stuff for obstacles should be there soon, as navigation module is getting an upgrade. :slight_smile:

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First of all, Lubos, you are a HERO! I just learned about the project today and I am under a heavy impression on how much work you have done.

I am looking for an obstacle/collision avoidance functionality (RVO + navmesh). I need to evacuate hundreds of agents from a multi-floor buildings and it doesn’t quite work for me in BGE (perhaps I haven’t tweaked it correctly). Anyway, armory seems very promising. What could I expect of it when it comes to multi agents collision avoidance?

That’s awesome you find armory promising! Navigation module is still rather bare-bones (agent walking around a navmesh), so not up to the scale that you need. I am working on more tutorials for armory 0.3 now, but will try to address this for 0.4. :hammer: