[SUGGESTION] Flatpak or AppImage for Linux builds


In order to get around the issues with shared libraries etc. currently making it difficult to get the Linux build of Armory running on many distributions I want to suggest to release future builds for Linux as Flatpaks (Single-file bundles, see http://flatpak.org/developer.html#Distributing_Applications).

Flatpaks don’t have to be a replacement, but could be an alternative that would make it a lot easier for people to get Armory up and running on Linux with full Blender integration, and not just as an add-on.


Awesome, checking it out and making this a priority for next build.

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Awesome! :thumbsup::santa:

Here here to that idea.

Hello, as i plan to move to Linux soon i like this type of solution.
As alternative i see several Linux App available as AppImage:

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Yeah, Appimage should be able to be used on any distro (I know it’s usable for Solus OS, which is what I use). I’m not sure about Flatpaks - last I checked, there’s no plans to support it under Solus OS.

AppImage is a good alternative as well. :thumbsup: