Sunvox Integration into Armory

I was just tinkering with Sunvox and was wondering if this would be a perfect tool for realtime audio manipulation.

But I am missing the know how if an integration would be possible and the most perfect thing would be if it was controllable with nodes.

Maybe someone who knows more about this stuff can shed some light on this.

This is probably also important. Sunvox also has a dll (api?) ->

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I don’t know much about sounds but this might be possible to integrate in armory, because it look like it has library in javascript and don’t if it has just C++ or not.
Yes, it would be possible to create nodes for it if you can implement the library.
I don’t know how to implement it, sorry about that but would probably dive into it sometime soon.


Yeah, it looks like you could integrate that. It looks like it is written in C++ and has a Javascript library so that is pretty much perfect. You could bind Haxe to it just like we do for Bullet Physics with haxebullet.

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This may be a little out of date but should be a good start:


@BlackGoku36 That sounds perfect. When you dive in keep me posted :slight_smile:.

@zicklag Thanks for the clarification. I assume there is quite some programming needed to bind Haxe and the Javascript library?

@lubos thanks, will take a closer look into that.

Sort of, but not really. It is very straight forward, but it can still be a lot of code. You have to translate the C++ headers and create definitions for the each of the C++ classes, fields, and functions in Haxe. You don’t have to implement them, you just have to define them so the Haxe code knows that they exist. It is the same deal for Javascript.

It looks like @guzzard’s library should cover it or at least give it a good start, though. :slight_smile:


@zicklag thanks a lot for your help, maybe I can get it working :slight_smile: