Testing Project Progress

I am going to try to keep posting in this thread to help with the testing process and to keep other users of Armory up to date with what I am doing with the engine. I will be first working on a Apartment as an architectural walk threw and then add in opening door and collecting objects. This should allow me to move slowly with the progress of the engine and the logic nodes.

As a supporter of the Amory project I feel it is important to keep the community informed of at least what I am doing with the engine. My background is in Game Art so the programing and logic will be a bit more of a struggle for me personally but I want to see this take off as a competitor to using multiple programs to create a game. My goal is to create as much as possible inside Blender. I do use Substance Painter and Substance Designer in some of my other work flows but am going to attempt ot use Blenders internal capabilities as much as I can. This might involve some of a learning curve with some of the texture nodes but we shall see how it goes.

Thats all for now.

I am looking forward to having some more regular news on the project, I’m with you. If I could I would use blender for toasting my bread! :slight_smile: well not really but anyway. Will definitely keep an eye on this post. I assume you’ll update this post, right? Or is it going to be a blog or blenderartists thread or something?!

I will try to keep this post updated as best as possible!!

So I have played with Armory trying to get the very first “Scene Building 1” tutorial working and managed to do so with the help of @lubos. I did find an issue with the Windows build not allowing textures to be used in the Materials and World Settings. @lubos is aware of them and is working on a fix for the next release. In the mean time I am slowly building the assets for the project. I will keep posting to this thread as I have more to share.

I would like to figure out how to set the original camera position and more information on how to control the camera as that will be the major interactive element in the beginning of the project,

Heh, well you did a bit of a better job than I could. I’ve got an error that doesn’t let me render. Working on it now and sent a message to Lubos about fixing it.

Ok I ran into a bunch of issues with armory and decided to start over and see what I could get working and then go from there
I was able to get these images out with the Differed Path High with percentage closer soft shadows, sky radiance (hosek) and 2048 probe radiance turned on.

First image is from armory and the second is cycles to give an idea of the difference.

I then Linked in the the floor showed in the next render. While I can render, I can’t get armory to show the floor at all. as you can see in the next two images. There were no errors shown in the console.

I will continue testing and post more soon

There is not even a floor :smiley: Can you paste material setup for the floor and cube? What is the resolution of environment map?

Sky radiance is only used when sky texture is placed in world nodes. I will have to automate it and get rid of that checkbox.

The HDRI is 512 - anything more seems to casue issues. That could just me my machine. I will post the materials as I find them.

What is ‘seems to casue issues’? It’s slow, takes long to build, or does not start at all? 512 is very low, that is why it’s super pixelated.

With the last set of renders it was using a linked object that gave the final render. None of the objects that were linked actually showed up in the engine as you can see.
I have to learn to save different versions. I deleted the linked objects and added appended ones and it worked. Same kind of thing wit the HDRI. I remember errors but not the specific ones. Also confusing myself by using two machines but I can’t bring my Desktop to work so that’s why I am working on the laptop.

I am setting up a master set of files to try to work on avoiding these issues and having a better sense of what I tried when the errors occur. Sorry this is my first time working in this type of environment.

Sorry I haven’t update in quite a while. I have rejoined a game development team (Starboard Games LLC) and am currently working on an app for them. I will continue supporting armory in that in the long run I would like to create my games all in Blender. However right now the testing will be a little scattered. I still want to create a Archviz project in Armory just to show it can be done to the development team. I will continue to follow the development and try to use it where I can.