Text objects

Hi @Lubos,

Could you provide some logic nodes to access some parameters of the 3D text objects? for example to change the string, the size, alignment…

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Right now the 3D text objects are converted to meshes at export, so it’s not possible to change the string yet… Only regular transform can be adjusted.

Would real-time edit will be added eventually? It would be very cool to update text objects on the fly.

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Totally, will figure something out. Focusing on bug fixing & core usability for a while, but will get there eventually.


Hey all

i try to make a dynamic text in Armory is someone there how i can do this i want to change my Font

Numbers ( Value) with a timer or something else like in BGE logic text property

i try every combination but i didnt find a Solution.

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Hi! This is currently Not possible Text objects

Ty for reply Simon good to know , i waiting till its available soon.

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If you just want to make a highscore text or something like that, you can just use ui editor. Try to look at the endless runner example. You need to enable the canvas at the scene trait. After that you can look at the gems trait codes and enable a block of codes that is disabled or commented out currently.

Will provide more examples on this soon, at least for setting up 2d text to get started. (issue)

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thanks all for reply

i missed that examples they are much but most didnt work the path is important too i see now i am new i must learn many of Armory

Hey all

have a new issue with ui canvas i get it worked and every time if i start the scene new its reset the value to 0 but if i collect a object(Gem) again it save the last value and add it on , is there a way to reset the value really to 0 not just to visible 0 . or is it an issue with the set scene but my character start from the beginning and the value start from 0 but just visible.

thanks for reply

regards Kotaros

Would allsow love to see realtime edit of the string of 3D text objects to be added. In addition I would love to have the possibility to contol every parameter which changes the apperans of the style of the text on runtime. Also I would love to have control over the extrusion of the 3D text. There would be so many possibilities for UI integration into to game world in addition with a 2D UI but of loading some parts of the UI into the 3D world so the view into the game world that we create is not blocked by UI.

Thanks for the awsome work on this project - toally love it all over !!! - Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

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