Texture problem

I started to study armory, but I had a problem with texture mapping:
without a texture everything works fine, but when I connect a texture, the object either disappears, or it’s:

how can I fix it?

can you add the blend file, so I can do some testing?

yes, here it is:
but it looks like this:

i downloaded and took a look at your file, when i pressed f5 everything was black, i got it working by deleting the image texture node off your plane and re-adding it. i dont know why it was causing an issue.

I suspect it has something to do with you using cyrillic script and armory is replacing it with underscores on export (at least on my end) and throws some errors " identifiers containing consecutive underscores ("__") are reserved".

When I renamed everthing using the english version of blender it worked fine on my end as well. (before I got a blackscreen as well)

thanks, it really helped, I could not think that the engine has such problems