The Armory - How To Do - Cloud Network

I think everybody here has their own way to achieve the desired ideas in games. But often in this forum I could recognize that people ask for logic-trees or about the correct source code, etc.

Blender itself has their own video-cloud for specific topics.

I need to say I prefer videos more because I’m a very visual person, but everybody has their own preferences.

If an algorithm behind the forum would count the number of frequently asked question, Armory could produce their own how-to-do videos* referring to the official documentation and manual.

Somebody came up with a Trello Roadmap for Armory. Maybe Armory can make a network in this forum for collecting ideas and finally showing them in tutorials and standalone executables if favoured.

I think if Armory has a very strong network for how-to-do stuff this could be a powerful solution to make the engine growing faster in a shorter amount of time.

This is a screenshot of a webpage which can select your taste in music by finding related performers of a chosen musician. Armory could take some sort of calculation to connect similar scripts, ideas or videos for the ultimate alliance of all users in real-time, depending on what you are searching for.

The beauty of source code:
We all know - There isn’t just one way of doing it - but in mathematics and especially programming you want as less lines as possible to tell the machine what to do in the most accurate way. If there is a solution for a certain problem in the video-cloud with sourcecode; users or teams can vote and bring up their own code for a constantly further development of optimized strategies. For example: “Snowtrack Shader” - stage1, stage2, stage3, etc. To sum up: Some sort of Armory-Wikipedia, with an artificial intelligence and synchronisation in networking.

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