The complete Array cheat sheet [all in a single image !] for people using visual programming



Very helpful! Thank you! :slight_smile:

The Keyboard state and Mouse state are very useful for determining if the key is pressed. This would be needed if you want two keys pressed at the same time or to determine if you are already shooting a weapon. While what you are working on is good you should leave the personal opinions out.

@Monte_Drebenstedt I was thinking that node colour for array and boolean should be significiatly different, they look somewhat same and can be easily misunderstood.

@BlackGoku36 - I suppose the colors are similar but to me the uses are so different that it doesn’t matter. You are welcome to make a issue on the git hub if you think its that big of a deal.

I dont think that it really big deal but you know, beginner might get stuck, still it very unlikely but still it would not hurt to play it safe.

The 1 in the Vector array node is not completely retarded, it is for when you want to store Quats. But since Quats are mostly useless, I guess you are right.

Why is there only written removed? Where is the array cheat sheet?

by array cheat sheet he mean a pic about usage of array. there is no node named array cheat sheet.But this madlad removed everything.

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