Tips on creating multiple bone animations compatible with Armory?

Hi guys,

I’m starting to create the skeletal animations for my game characters.

But before I start animating, I’d like to know if there are any guidelines I should follow.

More specifically, how to properly store multiple animations for the same character in the same blend file.

For instance, in the past, when I created animations in Blender for other game engines (Unreal and Unity), I rigged the character and then copy-pasted the file; then in each copy of the file I would create a different animation. So each file had a single animation.

In Armory, I’d like to keep all the animations in the same file, but how should I do that? Would each animation be an action of the Dopesheet action editor menu? Or should I use NLA strips? I’ve never worked with these options before, so I’d like some tips so that my animations are available for Armory through Haxe scripting.

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I create multiple actions, each action is an animation.
There is one file for example the character model, it’s armature and it’s animation actions. It’s the best way to manage animations.

There is many tutorials.