Track to Via Logic Nodes

How can I make an object look at a vector using only logic nodes? I tried by the transform, but unfortunately, there is no way to define the roll, pitch, yaw, or somemthing like this with the transform nodes.
So how can I do this? It’s like the opposite way from the node “Vector From Transform”.


The only way I know of doing it is with cold math. You can calculate the rotating objects facing angle in 2d by feeding an arc-tangent with the divisions of the two objects deltas in X and Y coordinates. Then you need to take account for armory’s weird rotations since when you rotate something along the Z axis only it will first go up pi until the first half then the x or y rotation value gets set to pi while the z value goes down again. Once you are at the 3/4 waypoint sometimes one of them randomly jumps up to 2pi.
For doing it in 3d I did never get it to work, but in theory it should do just like in 2d but with the Z and X as deltas. I gave up because it seems like there are more strange rotations shenanigans which for me seemed to occur on random.

maybe it could work with an empty on which you do a LookAt and then using the Get Transform and Set Transform logic nodes?