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I’m a newbie using armory 3d, I want to know how I use the trait nodes

There really isn’t such a thing as a “trait node.” See here:

Armory uses a trait(component) system to insert logic into Blender objects and make them interactive. Traits can be attached to scene objects or scenes itself.
There are several trait types:

  • Haxe - writing script from scratch in Haxe
  • Bundled - handling common stuff like character controllers, bundled in Armory
  • Nodes - assembling logic visually
  • UI - working with canvas & user interface

So, if you will, “Traits are where Blender intersects with Armory.” This is “the ‘hook.’”

Blender, of course, knows nothing per se about Armory. But this nifty mechanism called “Traits” is a way – compatible with the Blender environment – by which you can tell Armory what to do in a particular situation. When Armory turns your game into a Haxe computer program, and then when that program subsequently runs, these so-called “traits” are what determine your game’s actual runtime behavior.

As you see from the second bullet-point, some behaviors are simply Bundled: they’re so commonly used that Armory makes them “as ‘easy peasy’ as possible.” Beyond that, we have the third bullet-point: Nodes. This is what enables you to create “logic-node networks,” and what enables Armory to run through them. (If you will, “this is how Logic Nodes ‘work.’”)

Yeah … (whew!) … it’s a bit complicated. “Welcome Aboard!” :smiley:

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