Unable to compile games after making some changes to userpref.blend

I did some changes to userpref.blend and since then, I cannot compile anything anymore. Can someone guide me on how I can fix this? Here’s the error I’m getting:

Did you do anything to the world pass? Make sure all the necessary passes are checked.

What is the world pass? No I didn’t do anything. The SDK path is correct as well … . So I’m very confused

I fixed it, accidentally!
I moved userpref.blend to another location and ran non-Armory-bundled Blender. Blender didn’t find userpref.blend and loaded the default settings. Then I copied back userpref.blend and ran non-Armory-bundled Blender. Then I removed Armory package and saved the user settings. Then I ran the Armory-bundled Blender and things worked!

Interesting, glad to hear you figured it out.