Unable to switch scenes

In my project I set the scene to a different scene. However, rather than load the scene it just freezes on the last frame of the camera on the initial scene and does not do anything. I have been able to switch to scenes before as I did so in the same file earlier on as a test but now I am unable. The scene I want to switch to has a camera and object which is all it required previously. Any suggestions?


Bugs! But I can fix it if you still have the problematic blend.

Hi, seems to have got worse now tho. If I try to run the game from the mainmenu scene it will black screen however if i play the other scene with the player controller and stuff, that works. I can only play from the mainmenu scene (the scene I want the game to start on) if I delete the other scene then I can play the mainmenu scene. Im assuming its something in that second scene which is the problem? anyway have a look here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oimxo58p1ov1zci/WIP.blend?dl=0

I have done some debugging and it black screens when the second scene has rigid bodies. I removed all rigid bodies from the second scene and it runs so its something related to that

Thanks that helped. I pushed more fixes on git, switching from mainmenu to game scene should work now.

Yep the switching works fine now, however I think as a result a new error has arisen where my character with player controller just falls through the floor and spins away. Doesn’t matter what bounding box I give the ground it still does it for some reason