Usability as a game engine?

how usable is armory as a game engine?

i don’t need anything extremely stable or rock solid, i am perfectly happy with something that just barely works
that i can hack away around with. has anyone made a simple shooter or third person view demo that i can learn from as reference?

i’m pretty new to armory and am looking for cool things to play around with armory. i am absolutely stunned by the realistic render quality of armory as shown in the homepage screenshots.

linux support and good performance without bloat in html5 builds is the big appeal for me.

check out the examples:
‘template_first_person’ should be a good starting point.

lubos has also posted this benchmark test that should follow with the next release:

as well as:

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To answer your question wait few days for the next Build 8 :slight_smile:
Of course Armory is still in early stage and it should be not used for critical production projects.