Use Armory wihout code

Hello, can I use Armory3d without writing a single line of code?

Technically yes. But you might be limited by a few things.

Checkout the videos in the link below. where a basic FPS is realized only with nodes.


While “the strictest answer” is probably “yes,” I strongly encourage you: “don’t be afraid of ‘code.’”

Logic Nodes encapsulate a lot of the most-commonly used logic, and it’s absolutely wonderful that they do that. But… to create your game, you’re probably going to need to “write some source code.” In practice, a lot of your logic might well consist of “nodes.” But, interspersed with these, there will be “your own code.” Go look at other projects to see what they did, and why.

Since Armory is “an open-source project,” you can actually look at the source-code implementation of each node, and this can be very instructive. There are also plenty of Armory projects out there which other people have published. All of them are full of examples.

Probably the most-important “modern-day maxim” is that you should take full advantage of the fact that “you are not the first person to have walked this road.” Unabashedly look for – and then, study – what other people have already done, and have then generously published at places like “” and “” Lots of things become a lot more clear – they cease to be ‘abstract’ – when you can look at “a working example.”


I consider Haxe the easiest language to begin with and it is very interesting because of its portability, sometimes you do learn a few things about other languages due to this. I feel it is easier than Python, but i don’t touched python yet… so i don’t have sure about this.

About a year ago, i opened this issue and now i can even code something with Haxe, due to Armory. I just started trying to create nodes that i miss by copying the existing ones and in less than a mounth i could figure out a bit the structure of a script (this was my first experience with code). When i send a few PRs i could get more instruction from experienced people and this contributed to my learning process. Currently i keep learning over time and the more i learn, more motivated i get. Kha is awesome, Armory, Haxe and all people envolved, from the ones that come with the doubt in the forum until Lubos. I hope much more people could follow in this way so we all can benefit from it together. I know i will never be a expert but the important is to have progress in anything you do like :slight_smile: