Using Armory on more recent blender

I saw, that a new version of Armory is out: Armory 2019.5
The problem is, I don’t know, how to run it.
It seems, that I have to import it into an existing blender installation as an add on, but this doesn’t change anything.
I assume, the problem may be having a more recent version of blender. I even updated to the current version of the blender 2.8 beta, but this didn’t change anything.
What do I have to do?

Did you check for a build on, or were you looking at GitHub? The builds on usually come with Blender and everything you need packaged up with it.

Otherwise you can follow the instructions here for installing it as an addon.

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The builds on are still version 6, which is a few months old and so also will use a deprecated version of blender 2.8.
I got the current armory version from here:
This version cannot run like the versions on, and I don’t find a path like this my_unpacked_sdk/Armory/armsdk/armory/blender in the zip. There is a blender directory, which contains and, but installing them in current blender 2.8 doesn’t work.

You can’t use the versions of Armory from the releases page, because that won’t include all of the dependencies. You have to do a recursive git clone of the the armsdk repo like it says in the docs. That should be able to be installed with the latest version of Blender. If it doesn’t work with the nightly Blender then you can open an issue on GitHub.