Vector Math Single - Logic node for single vector

Vector Math Single - a node for math operations designed for a single vector.

It confuses me when I see operations in the Vector Math node that are intended for one vector, but there are two of them in the input. I think this is wrong and propose to spread it to different nodes.
In this case, I created such a node for operations of normalization and calculation of the vector length, and delete these operations in the Vector Math node.


I don’t think it is a good idea. Is more suitable to improve the Math node and Vector Math node.

There is a possibility to add and remove inputs in nodes like we see in Gate node. More than 2 input in math nodes would be awesome to avoid this:


Also there is a possibility to remove the extra inputs for “single” value maths.

If you create universal nodes, you can confuse the user:

  • for some operations only one value is needed;
  • for others, only two values are required;
  • for others, the operation - as much as necessary.

In this case, there will be many checks on the node itself (the + or - button is available) or the node will mislead the user. The fewer the settings, the easier it is to deal with it, which means it is more convenient to use.