Vehicle Example Tutorial Request

hello i dont know programing but i like and this interesting create games

can you made car drivable vehicle in armory3d video how to do this with all things suspension engine sounds stop tail light tire sound

full vehicle how to create in armory?

It’s not a tutorial, but somebody did make a small vehicle game:

It required patches to Armory’s physics, so I don’t know that you can accomplish that without changes to the engine yet.

thanks but i has one more problem armory player is working i can launch the game but scripts not working

i try follow the tutorials and i not obtained made the same as in tutorials i watched this

but script of spaceship not working i try update sdk but after i update it the armory module disapear from blender also instaled git

and nothink scripts no working so sad ((((((((((((

hi i find solution why scripts was not working because i dont save it in code editor

now i very happy scripts are working

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