Video Tutorials

my first video tutorial is ready:

EDIT: Deleted website, i am building new website.

It’s just an introduction of Armory with basic setup.

As i’m focused to FOSS software and open format codecs i encoded the video with VP9/Opus.
Safari® (trademark of Apple Inc.) is not compatible with VP9/Opus.

I hope that my english accent is understandable :wink:

Good 2017 !



Awesome, it even goes to the underlying structure, which is great! Your pursuit of open software is admirable, glad Armory made the list. I need to add video section to the docs!

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We need more tutorials and videos!!!

Exactly my opinion. I have a lot of questions on how to around use armory to it’s full current potential, like using the UI shown in a lot of preview-images, or building the newest version from github. I hope I am not the only one with these problems, but I saw some people having even bigger problems with just the core features.

Will make this top of the list. Need to finalize UI to prevent tutorials getting outdated, working on that for next build.

well i am absolutely going to make armory tutorials once i get the hang of things. ive done kha ones & still doing them. so will look at armory :wink: