Visualizing vectors during play

Is there a way to draw certain vectors in space during play to see how they behave?
I’d like to use that for debugging and testing.

I don’t think so, but it would be awesome if you could plug a vector into a print node to see the vector drawn in the game. Of course the issue would be that a vector by itself doesn’t actually have a 3d start and end point, just a certain number of lengths (eg 3 for a vector3), so it isn’t exactly clear where onscreen a vector would be drawn.

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@Quartz as it is simple to set, efficient to observe what’s happening, I used simple cones of different colors to visualize vectors orientations when for example it’s necessary to follow effects of qaternions/vectors change inside armatures… then after some use, I replaced them with simple planes object … more efficient to observe vector orientations.

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In the past I’ve just created two cube objects with an emission shader and, on update, I put one at the vector start location, and the other at the end location. A logic node for it would be really cool.


Thanks for your answers, I ended up using objects scaled or moved to visualize the vectors on real time, thoose are nice solutions too.
Just wanted to know if a specialized tool already existed.

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