Voxel Based GI Requirements

What should be the minimum requirement for using Voxel Based GI? My Laptop has a Nvidia 940 MX 2GB dedicated GPU. Will it work on my laptop?

it works on a 1050 as i tested it on my dads pc…
im pretty sure it will work on your pc too.

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I actually just checked the requirements. (The screenshot above). Basically any graphics card with open GL 4.5 (thankfully my graphic card has that) will be able to run it. However it will only work on Linux And Windows and on blender 2.79. So that’s something.

I run it on a GTX960 choosing very low settings, and it runs fine.
Try Voxel AO , it gives great results and it’s cheaper on Gpu.

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Well GTX 960 is a way better GPU than GeForce 940MX. I Will Test It Out In A Moment. Anyway, did you notice any lags and how was the output in low setting?

At this point, decent-looking settings make it very slow even on a 1080Ti and it looks pretty awful unless all your walls are at right angles. For now, just treat it as a novelty.

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Yeah, I just tested the Voxel GI. Looks fantastic. But almost kills my laptop. Although Voxel AO works fine. I used it in the cellshade, fps and to template. And it works fine on high settings. Also the material vault literally destroyed my laptop. Low settings worked but a laggy rate.

I think your 3D card is too old to consider using real time GI or real time Voxel AO. I can’t even find a GTX 960 to buy.
Perhaps you should like me start considering to upgrade to a Gtx 1050 or a GTX 1060, they are mid range 3D card, low energy, and good performance.