WebGL Mobile Safari

Hey everyone,

i trying to build an webgl application which works also on mobile devices. It works perfect with desktop browsers but on mobile Safari (iphone and ipad) the canvas stays black.

Its simular to this thread:

but when i trying to update the SDK all the armory stuff disappears in the ui. Reactivating armory in the preferences i only get lots of error massages.


Does setting a Mobile preset in Properties - Render - Armory Render Path - Preset make any difference? That should work in 0.5.

(As for updating the SDK, you would need to download 0.6beta build first, because it is now running on Blender 2.8.)

yes, i used the mobile preset.

here’s my blenfile:
html5test.blend (545.8 KB)

same issue in 2.8/beta 0.6

Kaspersky antivirus error?!