What's the requirement for GPU?

I tried to run Armory on Linux (Fedora 30), but got blank screen on both Nvidia GTX 1060 with nouveau and Intel HD620. It only works after I installed Nvidia’s proprietary driver. Does Armory work on Intel GPU at all? The Nvidia card is in a desktop computer, and my laptop doesn’t have a dedicated graphics card.

I run it in a laptop with an i5-6300u, no dedicated GPU. The integrated GPU (HD520) works perfectly with Armory in Debian Testing, out of the box.

Run Blender from terminal, and there are errors running Armory,
GL Error 1282 …/…/Kinc/Backends/Graphics4/OpenGL/Sources/Kore/OpenGL.cpp 259
GL Error 1282 …/…/Kinc/Backends/Graphics4/OpenGL/Sources/Kore/PipelineStateImpl.c 209
GL Error 1282 …/…/Kinc/Backends/Graphics4/OpenGL/Sources/Kore/PipelineStateImpl.c 212

I think I should report this on github.

This is know issue, metal backend is till incomplete and is in WIP

Metal backend? Why does it use Metal backend on Linux? I’m not using a Mac.

My bad, I didn’t read that you were using linux(I have same bug and I use macos, so I assumed macos and metal). But the issue is know for linux too.