Where are all the Tutorials?

Why is there not a Tutorial Categorie in the forums?

Within these categories have a Tutorial requests. Official Tutorials list and member tutorials for those with knowledge to share.

I see in the Tweet posts there is meant to be a race-track tutorial. Yet I cant find it here. So have to assume it has not been released yet?

I am reading through the Armory Docs. I am sure there will be some useful information there but it feels like there isn’t enough.

Im working through devga.me/tutorials/armory3d/ information.

Then there are the videos 2.7 version of Blender yet I am using 2.8. So fields in different locations.

If I have overlooked some area please point me in the right direction.


Hey @Eladd!! I recommend you to go and check the official armory3d manual site: https://armory3d.org/manual/#/ or watch armory3d tutorials on youtube there are a lot of them. I also have a youtube channel with absolute beginner tutorials:

I hope that helps!!

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@Eladd Take a look at the last point of this FAQ post titled “Where can I go to learn more”. That gives a good overview of some of the best places to find tutorials and to learn Armory in general.

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Thank. I’ll watch and read those docs again.

Any idea when the ‘Racing Tutorial’ will be released?

No idea. That said, everything that you see in the racing tutorial, you can see how to do in a combination of the examples in the example section.

@Armored_Blob Thanks. More things to read and try.

Just started watching these. They have helped.

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Thank you for watching!!! I am really happy that it helps :smiley:

I know i will have many questions so will just continue asking here.

Have two things i am trying to work out.

1st issue

Trying to get moving mechanic sorted for old labyrinth style game. Have base platform down. Have ball and can tilt the platform using rotation nodes but how do limit the movement? Stop at say 15 degrees?

Currently have onkeypress>rotate object>vector 0.025

Tried add split vertex with a rotation degree node I found. Nothing within that node makes it work (theirs a drop down menu with bunch of options I tried but all didn
t work). It causes the platform to simply drop away. Only applied it to the left rotation…could press all other directions fine then as soon as left press…it drops.

Tried a node that stops rotation but it then locks the platform at that angle it stopped at.


2nd issue.

Trying to get an object to follow a predetermined path that is controlled by player but able to change lanes similar to an endless runner. Im wanting there to be a countdown then player object to move forward at its predetermined speed then you dodge objects etc. Just cant seem to get it working.

I do know I occasionally forget to apply a Trait to an object. That stops it from working.

Any suggestions would be appreciated :slight_smile:

So after looking through videos @Monte_Drebenstedt Youtube channel. The following tutorial was exactly what I was looking for.

How the rotation is stopped is completely different to what I was expecting. Ironically, I cant get this to work for me.

My simple controller method worked everytime. I just didn’t know how to stop it rotating. I guess I’ll keep playing around. There has got to be a simpler way?

I need also help program is confusing icant evenmake a glass texture fora glass bottle

@ikor I replied to your specific topic here.

Maybe you can try something like this:

Before you rotate the object, check that the rotation is not already greater than or less than a certain value ( however much you want to allow rotating it ) and if it is already past a certain point, then just don’t rotate it.