Where are the vehicle physics and airplane physics examples?

Are there vehicle car physics and airplane physics examples or templates for this engine?

There is a “vehicle” example in the armory_templates_master on github. It’s well done. I’d like to see a bit of documentation (or a video) on how that works, and maybe a node based alternative. I want to do a mono-cycle.



This is one of the best games and a brilliant flight simulator made originally for the blender game engine.
So maybe you can use the python script as guideline for the armory logic (nodes).

Press “p” to start the game. One problem, I’ve noticed is that the airplane-engine should start with the key " ’ " under the “esc” button, but this doesn’t work to me. So I clicked on the tip of the airscrew and changed the key inside the logic-bricks to another button on the keyboard. Finally press that key for at least 4 seconds to start the engine.

If this doesn’t work let me know - then I’m going to change the code.

Have fun!

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Thanks a lot. I wonder if there is a boat project as well.


In BGMC 17 was a Jet-Ski game, but it wasn’t good enough to really mention it here.
But! There was another - really interesting game called “water_drop”. It uses Martins Upitis’ shader skills and some python + blender physics to simulate water behaviour in the case of kinematic influences.


Maybe it’s possible to transfer this method into Armory somehow… for a boat project.

These spaceship tutorials are good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJ8WX8v_AFM&list=PLEji91IwVP3sNAMr2h8bLH9TokLcNxpzj&index=7