Where is the console on Mac?

Hi all. Apologies for a basic question but I’ve just downloaded the 2.8 version of Armory on my Mac and wanted to test out the player. I’m using the default scene. When i click ‘play’ (in Krom) I instantly get an error saying build failed, check console. I’d love to check console but where is it? On Win there’s a ‘toggle console’ thing under Window I believe, but there’s no such thing on a mac. Where’s the console?

For Unix based systems (Mac/Linux) you have to open a Terminal first, navigate to the folder where Blender is located (from the terminal with cd), and launch Blender from the Terminal … and that’s where the console is.

You can maybe skip the “open terminal manually and navigate” step if your file manager has some “launch terminal here” or “open with terminal” command or something like that. Not a Mac user here but the feature it’s there in Linux.

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Thanks. Yea, either that or right click on blender > open package contents > MacOS > blender. Figured this out eventually but it did take me a moment…