Why it is not easy to get soft body physics to work?

I am trying to build a very simple scene with an sphere and a flat surface. However, it looks like it is not straight-forward to get the soft body physics to work even for such a simple scene. From what I have noticed, it is not easy to use small shapes when doing soft body simulation. For instance, if I scale the sphere or cubes in the attached .blend files 5 times the simulation starts working. Otherwise the sphere or the cube behaves very weirdly, even if the soft body solver iteration is set to a high number. Is that an Armory bug/limitation or am I doing something wrong?

Irrelevant to the physics stuff, the shadows of objects in the scene are wrong. Why is that?


I noticed physics issues using 2.8, try to replicate your scene in 2.7

@breebee By “physics issues” do you mean the same issues as I reported here? Could you replicate what I said in 2.79b? You can simply download the .blend files I’ve uploaded.