Why would you rather choose Armory Engine over Unity? Quora

In Quora’s question: Why would you rather choose Armory Engine over Unity?

Some people are writing answer without any research and without using Armory itself.
Can you go and downvote such answer.

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Well but they are not wrong… Other than the fact that back than you still had to pay to get Armory these posts are completely fine. I actually agree with all the things stated in these posts. So just as the second one says:
I don’t mean to be discouraging to whoever might be developing this, but above all else, you need to be clear to me what I stand to gain from this engine over other, more established options.
Armory’s advantages were not know generally, and nowadays communication has seized again. So if Armory should become a popular choice especially these things need to change. IMO everything of corse.

Hi there guys. :wink:

I am a newbie in this world of game development (my background is in music production and performance, in case you wondered lol), but IMO I think that Armory despite not having all the features and tools that an engine like Unity can provide from the get-go, I do believe that it has a great potential to be up there one day too. Also considering the number of people working to improve each of the engines, Armory3D is in clear disadvantage.
However, the fact that more and more people are becoming aware of the engine will definitely work in its favor (more tutorials, feature improvements and financial support from the community, etc).

As I said, I am new to this and maybe I will get crucified for saying this but I think that for those who can adapt to it and be patient, the transition is definitely a possibility for the near future.
And for the developers, if you’re reading this, I SALUTE YOU!!! Don’t feel discouraged by the negative reviews, in fact, use them as strength! You got this!