Will armory earn a 'named' application

so since getting armory, it is a link to also blender. since its blender thata is on top & armory is on the bottom.

will armory be put in the actual application name? i know this might a bit strange but guess it would be due to licencing etc on the blender side.
so would the application be called something like ‘blender-armory’ or ‘armory-blender’, or even just ‘armory’

this is just more a question out in the ether. but think it would be less confusing in the long run.
i guess asking the blender folk would be the next option. but guess as long as its stipulated that its built using blender, then everything should be good


lewis lepton

One way I could imagine to work is that the armory render will be shipped with the standart version of Blender(once it is finished), and all the game-making stuff has to be installed through an addon. I dont know how technicaly possible this is, but so usual Blender-users cant be annyoed by the other stuff the current armory-build ships with.

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aye. that sounds fair enough :wink: