Will we get text in scene?

Will we get text in scene? in other words using a Blender font as a text object that can be changed, etc.

3D text models would not be optimized, but you should be able to use 3D model text created in Blender.

I highly doubt it. I can’t imagine what that would take to translate from blender to a game engine.

Verge 3D has this and it’s awesome!

Did you tried to set a text inside your camera and modify it’s font then ?


I need a text object inside a scene that can be updated in-game with data (preferably with logic nodes)

Like the text in a canvas but Blender text. So you could type a message like “My Text” but then change it on the fly with data from logic nodes.

The Canvas idea is awesome and I hope it gets fleshed-out but for now it always faces the camera, only has one font and isn’t super excess able with logic nodes (yet) :wink:

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@bkumanchik I remember to make it using specialized nodes that transform text into a string of codes. Thoses codes are then used to spawn objects in the scene, each representing the adhoc caracter of the string we want to see.