Wishes to Armory3D

  1. Ability to insert GLSL shaders.
    There are tons of ready-made shaders on the Internet under free licenses. Shaders will significantly increase the quality of graphics. Now to insert a shader you need to modify it under Armory3D, this is time-consuming. The instructions are written incomprehensibly.

  2. Blocking changes in object parameters. This is a very old problem that has existed since BGE. Physics often does not work correctly.

  3. Combine the parameters of the gui Armory3D inserts with the blender parameters. Now these parameters are not connected, superimposed, blocked, interfere with each other.

Hey @FirstWave and welcome!

You’re likely to get more of the improvements you want by creating issues on Github with:

  1. An explanation of the desired code behaviour and how the current behaviour differs.
  2. A minimal blend file that demonstrates the problem or mockup images of how you would like it to work
  3. A description of the operating system, Blender and Armory versions you’re using

That’s not to say that you’re not welcome to post ideas here. Just that it’s less effective if the goal is changes in the code as opposed to community discussion. If you do choose to create issues though, you could always link to them from here. Best of both worlds! :smiley:

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Once the topic is not closed, I continue the list:
I suggest moving the procedural materials (Ocean, Fog,) to where they should be: in the shader editor, in the World section. Add the ability to limit the size of the axes Z X Y and the ability to change their location. Ability to create multiple shaders.