Working with scene hierarchy

Scene hierarchy is hard to work with.

  1. Each time i create a new object it’s added as scene root instead of the selected object.
  2. I can’t move some object from scene root to another object as child

Those features are really needed.

Select the child and then the parent and hit ctrl p. But yes in blender everything you create is always in the root “layer”

Ctrl P can be usefull when the tree is too long.
However drag and drop would be a good improvment.

Could drag and drop object into another, be something that could be done and work on the hierarchy view ?

you can drag and drop in the outliner.
remember the things you are asking to change are blender things not Armory. The blender developers would have to change it. Some changes are coming in 2.8 that make the whole outline irrelevant with the new collections systems. 2.79 will not have any changes moving forward.