Writing you own shaders

Hi all.
I’m giving a try to write my own GLSL shaders. I started with the material_shaders example and, of course, I have a lot of questions.

The first one is:
Do I need to create the MyMaterial.json manually or is it created somehow?

How can I set the “export_uvs” flag to true? I tried appending it from other file, but sets to false when exporting.

Do the uv param need to be specified in the “vertex_structure” param? As in “pos,nor,uv”

To pass a texture as a uniform, Do I need to set it in the MyMaterial.json file? as in

     "link": "Image Texture",
     "name": "imageTexture",
    "type": "sampler2D"

I uploaded a file with my progress so far.


Thanks in advance

If you don’t find answer, try asking on armory discord. They are good at it.