Youtube Videos

Hi thought I would do a little self permotion. Hope you all dont mind :slight_smile:


Bookmarked, subscribed and liked. Looks and sounds like professional content.
A big thank you for your work and time!
This is exactly how a beginner should start. With explained basics and practically examples.
I also like, that you teach, how to script in haxe!

I see a lot of new youtube channels wich are needing time to grow in subs and views.
With patience and continuous, useful content,… i see a great potential in your yt-channel project :smiley:
But i also think, you know that already :wink:

Let it roll! Great tutorials!


What the heck might as well promote myself too.

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@dugati Thank you. I have put a lot of effort into editing each video. It’s nice to see others can tell. :smiley: