A Pong game with Armory "Paddle Strike"


Hi all! I took some time to create this little game which is trying to recreate the famous “Pong” with personal flavors, and I decided to share it as an open source project. Hopefully it is useful for you!

you can play the HTML5 build directly using this link:

Or you can download the Krom build from release page, or build it yourself with Armory b2.8 ver.
I didn’t use logic nodes for this game, all in HAXE scripts.

Any recommendations for making a 2D game with armory?

My brother said that it is the best Pong rendition he’s ever seen and we both enjoyed the fully functional UI and particle effects. It was a complete demo. :smiley:


Excellent work man. I will have to scour the project to see how you did the particles. Again great job.


That seriously cool!


Wow thanks all for the nice words! I am really happy if it is helpful for people to create more awesome Armory games!


Nice game. I like it.


Great game I love the UI!
but maybe add a random factor of the bouncing off
It woud make the game more interesting.


It’s interesting to see an actual full game made by armory’s community! and I LOVE the game!


Found a little typo on GitHub:



Nice find! Fixed now!


@Milo would you mind if I add Paddle Strike to the https://armory3d.org/community page? Would love to keep easy access to projects like these. :grinning:


Hey it is completely fine, Just do it!


This was awesome, played it for several minutes before realizing I should be going to sleep. Thanks for making it available to study!