About the Armory logo


As I see the logo Armory has right now, I can’t help thinking it’s a temporary one. Am I right about this?


Yes, left it as it is for now to focus on other things, but should be replaced eventually… :bomb:


Okay. In that case, I can help with that, since I have a pretty nice idea for the logo (and maybe even a font for the website and everything). I wouldn’t want to show a rough and almost unreadable sketch, so it’ll take me some time to make a clean version of it.
In fact, I even have an idea for a logo for the enemies in the demo projects.


Hey there again! Here’s the idea I was talking about (just the shape, we can decide the colors and decoration later):
And here is a quick sketch of the font for the logo as well:


Armory Engine Mascot? :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, yours is pretty neat, too. Maybe the mascot discuss shouldn’t be mixed up with the logo one, and as I saw sans-iccal… I thought there would be just a quick mention about that. Anyway, you can post your idea here as well, so that we have all the ideas for the final logo in a single thread without other topics. Even though, I’ll keep working about my idea, as I think that my font could make it to the engine’s identity in the end.


May the force be with you