Armory Engine Mascot?


I actually prefer the current Armory logo, but that’s totally personal preference.

The problem with intro animations in general is that when people see games with that intro they know with which engine it is made, and if the game is bad they will judge the engine for it. That happened to Unity.
But Armory might be in even greater trouble because it will not just be 100% free, but also its user-interface will be familiar to a lot of people. This attracts lots of newcomers to gamemaking, who will show of their first “unperfect” tries to make a game, and those relatively bad tries will be associated with Armory being a bad engine.

For now I would not enable such an intro for games, but later when the engine becomes betterknown, maybe.


Simonrazer - Ja das ist ein sehr interessanter und nicht zu unterschätzender Grund. Du hattest glaube ich auch ein Video zur Problematik der Voxel GI gemacht. Würde Jemand jetzt ein Spiel veröffentlichen mit intro-branding, ohne das alle Kinderkrankheiten im Quellcode behoben sind wäre das fatal, obwohl der Engine mehr als nur Potenzial hat. Die Logo-Animation sollte eher als Hommage gedacht sein.

Später könnte man evtl eine Cloud einrichten, wo viele Pro-Logos und Animationen zu finden sind. Die würde man dann nur mittels Plug-and-Play und Code einfügen. Das könnte ein geeigneter Kompromiss sein, oder? Was würdest du davon halten? :slight_smile:


Please type in English for all of us to understand. if you don’t know English, google translate.


Sure I’m sorry sans-iccal.

I translate it. I mentioned that Simonrazer’s arguments about the misuse of a professional Armory-intro in games made by less experienced game developers can refelect badly on the Armory engine itself have to be considered. I think this should not be ignored, due to the fact that the intro was designed as an homage to the engine and not as a burning mark for a still not production ready game engine. Simonrazer did a video about the problems of Voxel GI, as an example.
I bring up the point that it can be fatal, if someone publish their own game with such sourcecode problems and an armory branding in the center of the screen, despite the game engine can be one of the best ever - when it’s ready, in my opinion.

Therefore. To prevent the engine from missconception, I suggest some sort of cloud (later on - if game engine is official released) - were users or teams can upload their logos and animation for everybody here. Via plug-and-play plus code you can insert any animation, you want. Maybe we can do some competition with ranking, etc.

Would this be a suitable compromise to you? Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


That is a cool idea! So there is a standard Armory-animation, in front of which everyone can slap their own studiologoanimation.


Yup. In fact, starting tomorrow or the day after, I’ll actually have some time to return to creative stuff.



While I don’t like Jim, I must agree with his point on this one, at least in regards to the splash screen.Yes, making it mandatory would be a bad idea. It should be completely voluntary. Also, I was making a black smith’s tool stand when I realized early on that the shape of the structure accommodates the logo above. Here is some very early screenshots on that one:


This is going to be really cool! :heart_eyes:


I have a better idea. Earlier,I thought of a concept in which two standard swords and a katana gather to form the Armory logo. If you overlay the three swords on top of the Armory3D logo,they’ll fit.


I still think a logo that would be based on the blender logo would be better. Something like this:

Maybe also adding an animation of putting the metal on the blender logo and lighting up that blue thing as part of a logo animation?
I know the logo looks very bad, I’m still working on it, but I like the concept better.
You know- that metal stuff (that looks like it was made in photoshop alone) is like armor.


Maybe the logo animation/splash screen will be putting the metal things on the blender logo and the blue circle lighting up at the end?


Cool some sort of Transformers and Iron man meet Google Chrome? I like this idea too. I think sound effects are really important with this design, aren’t they? I’m excited to admire your final result. :slight_smile:


Thank you!

Anybody have good metal textures I could use? The metal library on poliigon isn’t the best.


Heya, everyone! I have made a logo animation I think y’all would love, but my computer’s down, so one of you will have to render it for yourselves.
Armor.blend (903.4 KB)


I was thinking along the same lines. Above link shows the Merchant from Resident Evil 4.
He can then actually have props for you. Via a dialog or something. Users can add their own.

Would be cool

About the Armory logo

should be a night in shining armor! I mean that’s obvious? or many mecha? definately not the monkey that’s ‘too’ blender :crazy_face: even though we all love blender blablabla…:laughing:


Just my opinion but…
1/ Nothing makes a program appear more of a joke than a nauseatingly cute Pixar/Disney-esque character. Please don’t.

2/ I personally have no negative feelings about Unity or playing a game with the Unity Logo… maybe it’s because I love small indie games. If Armory could reach the status of Unity as the default software for new devs, and/or Indies devs… it would be a HUGE achievement. Don’t knock it.