Armory most wanted?


Oh, ok. Do you think smoke could be implemented without collision?


Let’s wait and see what happens… I’m sure @lubos will improve the particle system support at some point in the future.


I’d also ask for the hair info material node to work.

I have a feeling Armory would have more bugs caught if more people knew about the engine and was used more by more people.


Orthographic camera

  • Correctly functioning colorramps
  • Orthographic camera fo-sure


I’ll add “working sun lamps” to my list.


Please drop me a bug report on the sun lamp issues.


I also would love Voxel GI to work properly with more stuff. It seems like it still only supports one lamp, refraction is broken and makes all objects black, “Revoxelize” is very slow but the “Temporal Filter” improves that, if it weren’t for the awful glitches this option also enables. Sun lamp is broken, and light-leaking is in some cases sever.

  • ui documentation
  • being able to toggle fullscreen mode in the final app without using visual studio (I hate visual studio, codeblocks for the win)
  • HAIR INFO MATERIAL NODE (blender guru hair material)


(changed from offtopic to general because this is basically armory suggestions)


Documentation, tutorials and templates / examples with nodes.

Armory is currently pretty hard to learn, at least for a non-coder… Seems very promising though.


I would like a Discord server, or an IRC channel where I could talk to people more quickly than on these forums.


Wish: to see it integrated into Blender as the new official BGE.


This will unfortunately never be possible due to incompatible licenses.


Tutorials. Want more tutorials.


Lubos has confirmed that he is indeed creating ones at the moment on Twitter!! Can’t wait to see them




But… HOW? Did you use layer weight and subsurface to fake volumetrics?


I’m sorry - this was just an example for how it could look like to create smoke in Armory, because it was mentioned that Blender has some viewport realtime smoke simulation and some people think this could be too performance heavy.

The gif shows a houdini animation.

I think it could be cool to have some sort of softbody-mesh outlined by the computer and overlayed by a 2D-Filter to create this cloud effect. To save performance.