Armory or UPBGE?


That’s sooo coool man!


Aaaand it adds frequent"er" updates too.


Can UPBGE do consoles? That is one other thing I love about Armory.


I think he asked for PC.


In fact, I decide to use Corona SDK for now )). It is a 2D multiplatform game engine (windows, android, iOs, etc…) which use Lua for game logic programming.The main reason it is a production proven and have a good documentation. Also i bought online course and a few printed books about Corona. I am a novice in game development so the smooth learning curve is more important for me now than experimenting with some cool but not very clear features )) Although in my plans is a 3D game, so i keep to explore 3D engines )) And Blender is my choice for modeling in any case))
P.S. Also i use INSTEAD engine for prototyping. It is an engine for text based games. But i am going to make a quest game, so it is useful for me to write and test a story (scenario) before going into the modeling and programming ))


Good luck buddy!
Have you tried unity 3D ?
I recommend it for beginners.
I started out with unity 5, then bge, then armory, then unity again and finally settling on unreal 4.


I like the vehicles in UPBGE, easy to setup, full physics body and wheels, stable car physics.

You must be very experienced making 3D games.


I feel like I’m now on the UPBGE forum. I need to make sure I’m on the right forum for Armory.


Only one year and a half, so many switches! I use it as a hobbyist.
But yes, by now I do know the basics of game development.


You must choose what you feel is right for your project, in other words choose what is quicker and what is best suited and adapted for yr project.



I find it very funny to see that people have very pessimistic views about UPBGE when in fact UPBGE has the most Games compared to Armory!

Lets face it thats just the harsh reality guy’s UPBGE has so much Tutorials and content and is even becoming better its latest Build UPBGE 2.4 is the best you can get from Blender’s Game Engine!

(Now i love Armory and RESPECT Armory for what it is and how much more Powerful it is to the rest of the other engines, unfortunately Armory is still in its Early Days in its development and people are still experimenting with it)

for now UPBGE and BGE are way better for a noob to start making games immediately, Armory is for prototyping at this point since its still a very buggy engine!



Armory = So Much Power !!!

With so much power comes the consequences however i seee Armory 09 and 10 Kick-starting a whole bunch of New Beautifully created games never seen before!

but for now lets the devs and hobbyists experiment and learn for the time being, and stop comparing Armory to UPBGE because seriously guys Armory is not yet at UPBGE level as far as made games are concerned!



For commercial games Armory = yes, Upbge = no or avoid

Have a good read lol


i dont care abt licenses i know that UPBGE is basically for free games
but answer my question!

How many Games or should i say “Commercial Games” Does Armory have that beats UPBGE Games to date?

Once you answer that question i’ll give u credit and support yr opinion!



This thread discussion won’t bring you any new informations.
I don’t know what is your point or opinion about Armory or Upbge, and i’m not interested to know more.

As you said :