Armory vs Bitdefender


I was playing around with Armory yesterday and discovered that if you attempt to edit a haxe script while Bitdefender is running, Armory will be slaughtered. Seriously. Bitdefender completely removed Blender, forcing me to “reinstall” Armory. Make sure you add Blender and its components to your antivirus white list. smdh

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Armory: 0 Bitdefender: 1

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Real lesson learned: don’t run “anti-virus” software, period!

IMHO, this kind of software is the biggest hoax that was ever perpetrated upon unsuspecting computer users, who are blithely running their systems as “Administrators” (because nobody told them not to …), and are unwittingly running a type of software that is commonly used as a vector(!) for the installation of malicious software.

If you are running as a non-privileged user, with continuous backups running all the time, you have no need for any such software and should (IMHO) remove it from your systems immediately.

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