Can't bake! traceback error comes always


When i try to bake some thing after imort all object in armory i got traceback error. can some one help me?? i need help right now!!!

why do i got this?? why??


What version of Armory and Blender are you using?

Oh, I think I found the problem. I just had to fix a problem like this with nodes earlier. I might try to make a fix really quick, but don’t get your hopes up. :wink:


i use the latest version of armory with blender 2.8


This PR should fix it:

You can use git to merge it into your version of the armory sdk:

# Inside of the armsdk/armory git repo
git remote add katharostech # Add my repo to your git remotes
git fetch katharostech # Download the new remote
git checkout -b extra-fixes # Create a new branch to merge the changes into
git merge katharostech bug_armory-bake # Merge in the PR

Once it gets merged into Armory, you can just do this to get back to the official versino of Armory:

git checkout master
git pull origin master
git branch -d extra-fixes # Optionally clean up the branch you created earlier


how do i do this on windows? or is it in blender i should put this code??


Do you use the Armory updater to get the latest Armory?

Edit: The easiest way to get the changes, actually, would be to just copy these files to the following locations:

  • C:\where_i_put_the\armsdk\armory\blender\arm\
  • C:\where_i_put_the\armsdk\armory\blender\arm\

If you use the armory updater, it might not work if these files are modified, so you should back up the old versions of the files, just in case.


Thanks it worked <3 I got it to work