Can't seem to get logic nodes working


I just downloaded Armory and I can’t seem to get the logic nodes to work. I’ve added my node under Armory Traits for the object but a simple object translation doesn’t seem to work. I don’t know if it’s the keyboard node not picking up my key inputs or the nodes aren’t simply working for me?

I’ve also looked at the “logic_basics” example and I seem to have everything in place. I’ve also played some of the examples and they work fine.

This is what I have in my project.

I’m obviously overlooking something but I have no idea. :confused:


Use keyboard instead of on keyboard. have to try to make the dot colors match.


You know, at one point I even questioned why the colours were different but I didn’t notice the on keyboard node. Thanks for the help! :rofl:


welcome - you arn’t the first and won’t be the last.


In git version, I have now adjusted the name for Keyboard node to Keyboard State. Hopefully that makes it easier to tell those nodes apart.

On top of that, Armory now also logs error for the (wrong)node setup below:
Armory Error: Wrong connection in logic node tree "NodeTree" - node "Print" - socket "In"